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Shopify is one of the leading platforms when it comes to starting an e-commerce site. It focuses on delivering the most consistent, scalable and secure e-commerce experience available. Shopify stores are built using the Liquid templating language, and are backed almost 4000 unique plugins to deliver a comprehensive e-commerce experience.

Ten Squared is a Melbourne based agency that exclusively uses Shopify for all it’s e-commerce builds, so why do we recommend Shopify? In short, it’s because the most powerful e-commerce solution currently available, suited towards businesses of any size, and is easy for the end client to manage and maintain on their own.

E-commerce Management

We’ve found that traditional e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce and Magento have became far too bloated, requiring ongoing maintenance to ensure they run smoothly. This is not the case with Shopify, which allows e-commerce store owners to focus on selling their products, instead of keeping their online store running smoothly. You don’t need a computer science degree to keep your Shopify store afloat, which we have found to be a huge benefit to our clients.


We’ve all heard about horror stories of e-commerce sites crashing under times of high demand. It causes customer dissatisfaction and can damage your brand’s reputation. When you are running a Shopify store, there is no such thing as a crash. Shopify stores operate in a server less environment, meaning your store’s load is distributed across Shopify’s global robust infrastructure.


Just as having your e-commerce store crashing can cause serious damage to your brand’s reputation, so can being hacked. Security is one of biggest issues plaguing the e-commerce world these days. By opting for a Shopify store, you don’t need to continually maintain the security of your store. Shopify’s architecture ensures your data is protected, and reduces the attack surface of your online presence. The benefit of this is you can focus on making sales, instead of having to worry about your online store’s security. Shopify’s system architecture automatically manages the security of your store, and manages things such as SSL certificates, meaning your in-transit data is always protected.

Website Speed

Google is prioritising sites that provide a positive user experience. This is done by measuring page metrics such as load time, and responsiveness - Which are a core focus when it comes to Shopify. Shopify's global network ensures your customers, no matter where they are, can access your store swiftly.

If you are considering Shopify for your next project, get into contact with us using the form below. We can’t wait to work with you and your business, to help build a breathtaking e-commerce experience.

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