• The Client

  • Sly.Ventures

  • Country

  • Australia

  • Year

  • Twenty Twenty Two

  • Services

  • Web Design & Development

  • The Brief

  • Sly.Ventures is a part of the Sly.Group – based in Windsor, Victoria. We were tasked with creating a minimalistic single page site that provided future partners information about Sly Venture’s past projects, and overall mission statement. We opted to construct a site with Gatsby JS delivered content via the StoryBlok content management system.

The first challenge of the Sly Ventures website was creating a unique design to the other Sly companies with minimal reliance on images and videos. We came up with a masked video with a large logo that introduced a strong brand identity. The mask over the video would move with the users mouse to create a way to interact and engage with the website, a peep hole into the world of fashion.

After the hero section, we needed to give browsers a brief overview of Sly Ventures as a company, teasing about what they do before showing the user what they have already done. There was also the unique opportunity to tease about what was still to come. The Sly Ventures team also needed the ability to add new brands as they continued to launch incredible partnerships.

We encountered a few challenges when translating this unique design from desktop to mobile and ensuring that the experience was as similar as possible regardless of where users were browsing. Taking each element and reducing its size, and stacking them in a staggered arrangement on a mobile screen allowed us to replicate the unique experience on mobile.

For this project, we used Gatsby Js which allows for a fast and fluid website with incredibly smooth animations. Hosted on Netlify the Sly Ventures website is not only incredibly fast but also reliable. Achieving a page speed score of 95 on desktop and 85 on mobile, the Sly Ventures website presents a great browsing experience to users. Connected to Storyblok as a CMS ensured that the Sly Ventures team could easily update their website, add new projects and update copy as their business brought new brands to market.