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Jane came to us with the request of making a site for her services that appealed to a wide audience, working in an industry that is misunderstood, this was very important for her and so it was very important to us. For this site we decided to use Gatsby.

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GatsbyJS Jane my Mind Website by Ten Squared
GatsbyJS Jane my Mind Website by Ten Squared

How we did it

We started by choosing a few colour palette and layouts before presenting them to Jane, to determine which one felt right. After she made her decision we got to work! Carefully coding her website to work exactly how we envisioned. After a week we produced a website that was easy to use, provided users with all the information they needed and a blog platform for more information. This meant Jane's customers could learn more about her service, and the industry she operates in. Finally, at the hand off stage, we showed Jane how she could edit her site, change copy and add blog posts.

Ten Squared Testimonial Quote OpenTen Squared Testimonial Quote CloseBuilding my site from scratch in a week, Ten Squared amazed me, producing a site that is so different to anyone else in my industry and truly stands out. Despite my technical difficulties, I have no problem putting up my blog posts and editing small things on my site. Highly recommend. .

If you need a site to last you a lifetime made in a week, Ten Squared is the way to go.

Jane S.

Health Practioner - Jane My Mind