Hab Shifa
Design & Development

Hab Shifa Australia is an incredible company based in Victoria with a strong focus on natural health supplements made from Black Seed. With a wide range of health supplements which had a real impact on ones health, Hab Shifa needed a way to present this information to their clients to help them choose the best product for them.

Presenting the most popular options front and foremost was vitally important to the Hab Shifa team. However, we wanted to do so in a fun and inviting way, who says health needs to be boring?




Throughout the project, we worked alongside their team to ensure that they had an active say in the end product and could understand how to manage and update the website following its completion.

Following this project, Hab Shifa experienced a large increase in the number of positive reviews they received, their team reported a more positive experience managing the store and the number of users opting for a product subscription sky rocketed.