CTC Electrical Contracting
Design & Development

We worked closely with the owner of CTC Electrical Contracting to bring them an outstanding website that they could send to prospects to gain more information about their services, access their capability statement and get in contact. To ensure a great user experience it was important to make the website fast and user friendly.

We worked with the owner to determine the design direction for this project. They wanted to create a dark website with sections of white to create contrast. They also decided that there should not be another colour to contrast. With the for they requested a simple font that would be easy to read as the primary goal of the website was to be a place for prospects to find information.

Website Development



The clear vision that the owners had for this project allowed us to bring truly outstanding results and perfectly meet their needs. Following the hand over the owners have found their website easy to manage and consistently met the needs of their clients.

Using next-generation technology (Gatsby JS hosted on Netlify) allowed for an outcome that exceeded expectations, the website is fast and usable, secure and low maintenance. With this project our love for Gatsby JS grew even bigger.