• The Client

  • The Collagen Co

  • Country

  • Australia

  • Year

  • Twenty Twenty Tne

  • Services

  • Custom Blog Development

  • The Brief

  • The Collagen Co approached us to develop their custom blog for their website. After working closely with an SEO agency it was determined that a blog was the next action item to help their SEO goals come to fruition.

In a scenario like this we work as an extension of a company's team, their internal team provides us with complete designs with exact specifications including fonts to be used, the spacing that is required, and font sizes. This allows us to replicate the flat designs into a real web page as an exact replica.

With a large-scale eCommerce store like Collagen Co, there are a few things that are extra important. To ensure nothing goes wrong when making custom changes to a theme, you need to start by duplicating it off, once all your work is complete it is vitally important to test to ensure everything is working perfectly. If testing is not performed correctly, the results on can be catastrophic.