Burnn Candles
Design & Development

Burnn is an incredible local Melbourne business that hand makes soy candles with luxurious scents. The owner of Burnn approached us to create a store that felt as luxurious as the candles themselves were. Whilst doing so they wanted to keep the website as simple as possible allowing the products to shine through.

Incorporating bundles allowed the owner of Burnn to offer greater value to customers and improve their overall experience. In addition, with Shopify payments, customers are able to buy items easily with fewer clicks simplifying the journey to conversion.

Ecommerce Development



Today Burnn continues to thrive as one of Melbourne's best Soy candle makers, but now with a website to match the incredible products they create.

Our goal is and always will be to take care of the complex digital side of small and medium businesses so that they can focus on everything else that comes with creating amazing products and serivces.