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GatsbyJS is React based static site generator. It allows for blazing fast, optimised sites that make use of the entire Gatsby ecosystem. Gatsby is backed by GraphQL, meaning it’s ready to connected to a wide range of comprehensive content management systems.

Ten Squared is a Melbourne based agency that focuses exclusively on GatsbyJS for all it’s non e-commerce builds, so why do we recommend Gatsby JS? In short, it’s because its the most comprehensive solution for creating globally scalable sites that are secure and fast.

Website Speed

Traditional website builders have became bloated. Meaning sites created with technologies such as WordPress are typically shipped with a large potion of dead code, thus not only does your web server need to waste power on unnecessary processes, but your potential clients are also slowed down in the process. This is especially important now that search engines prioritise user experience when choosing to rank your content against your competitor’s. A properly created Gatsby JS site makes use of technologies such as Webpack, and as such when your site is served up for your users - only the necessary data is bundled up for them.


Gatsby JS focuses on working smarter, not harder. Meaning the cost of hosting a Gatsby JS site is significantly cheaper, or even free, than other alternatives. Our trusted partner for hosting Gatsby sites is Netlify, which will host your site on their global network of servers for free. A quality web host for WordPress such as WPEngine starts at $46 AUD per year, meaning by choosing Gatsby, you will be saving at least $552 per year.

Less Maintenance & Improved Security

Unlike other web platforms, Gatsby is server-less. You don’t need to worry about things like security and maintenance. Its pages are generated at build time, and as such there is no databases or server to attack. This reduces an attack surface for a website immensely, meaning you can focus on making sales, and not worrying about getting hacked.

Increased Search Engine Ranking

As mentioned before, Google is prioritising sites that provide a positive user experience. This is done by measuring page metrics such as load time, and responsiveness - Which are a core focus when it comes to Gatsby JS. Gatsby JS has a variety of plugins to take your SEO strategy and overall digital presence, to the next level.

No More Complicated Backends

As a website owner, you should only be concerned about the content that’s presented on it. By opting for a Gatsby JS website, we carefully construct a content management system that doesn’t require a computer science degree to operate. All the content and copy on a Gatsby site can easily be modified by its owner, without the worry of breaking the site.

If you are considering Gatsby JS for your next project, get into contact with us using the form below. We can’t wait to work with you and your business, to help build you a breathtaking digital presence.

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