Gatsby JS

Say hello to the future. Gatsby JS is a blazing fast, next generation web framework based on technologies developed by Facebook.

Leaders in our field

We're one of the few Melbourne based agencies that specialises in headless solutions, and JAMStack frameworks such as Gatsby JS.

Why Gatsby?

Gatsby JS enables developers to deliver blazing fast, secure, and powerful digital experiences. It's innovative design allows us to design and develop content rich and fluid websites, without the headache that comes with legacy content management systems such as WordPress.

Why Us?

Ten Squared crafts responsive, search engine-friendly sites that leave lasting impression on users, and positions your brand above your competitors. Our specialty is developing fully custom digital solutions, meaning we're the right agency to transform your exact vision into a digital work of art. Since our inception as an agency, we've worked to become masters of next generation JAMStack technologies such as Gatsby JS. Our consistent efforts to be best in class have been recognised globally, with Ten Squared becoming one of a handful of companies to be fully certified in the world's leading content management system, StoryBlok.

It's not our first rodeo

Don’t expect us to try to sell you on why we are better, we’ll let our work do the talking for us.

Let's get acquainted

We'd love for your next big project, to be our next big project. Let's get in touch so we can see if we are a mutual fit.