Which Big Companies Have React Sites?

By Ten Squared, posted on the 15th of May, 2021 · 5 minute read

Let's start by discussing exactly what React JS is. React JS is a JavaScript library created and is maintained by Facebook. It enables developers to create faster, more efficient websites that supercharge usability. Essentially, it is the tool enabling developers to create websites that are faster, more complex and more amazing than ever.


Why doesn’t everyone have a React site?

The main reason most websites are still built on platforms like WordPress is simplicity. Almost all developers know how to develop a WordPress site. Despite their widespread use, this does not make them the best, simply the easiest option. Until recently React sites were only accessible to large companies with budgets to match. Ten Squared aims to make React sites accessible to everyone.


So what big companies are utilising this incredible technology?



PayPal is a secure payment platform that aims to make online payments safe and secure. Created by Elon Musk and later sold to eBay for 1.5 billion, today PayPal is valued at over 300 billion dollars. It should come as no surprise that their global site currently uses the react framework to enable fast efficient browsing of their site.



Cloudflare is an American based company that provides content delivery network services. They are seen as the best in their industry. As a part of their image, it is essential that they demonstrate the sophistication of their services by using the best possible website infrastructure.



Uniqlo is one of the first fashion brands to utilise React to improve their customer experience. The difference in the user experience is extremely apparent as browsing the site becomes quicker and more intuitive than ever. Normally companies with lots of pages shy away from React, however, when implemented bounce rates drop, and conversions rise.



Unsurprisingly one of the largest tech start-ups in Australia uses React to help sell their service to merchants around the world. A safe secure payment service understands the necessity of security and hence to retain their image of a safe and secure service they use React.