Why Our Digital Agency Calls Cremorne Home

By Ten Squared, posted on the 19th of November, 2021 · 5 minute read

Finding The Perfect Office Space In Melbourne

When choosing the right place to start your business there are so many considerations to take into account. For Ten Squared there were a few things that we considered when choosing the perfect office space, we needed somewhere that fostered our creativity, supported our focus and boosted our productivity. Of course, these were our non-negotiables, however, there were a few items on our wish list that we were hoping to also achieve. Like most, we are not fans of rush hour traffic our preference was to be able to jump on a train and switch off on the way home. We also wanted to be near other like-minded businesses so we could foster one another.

Through our search, we explored places in the Melbourne CBD, South Yarra and South Melbourne. We couldn't quite find the right place that was the right fit for our business as we grew. We decided to expand our search to coworking spaces where they provide meeting rooms, office space, kitchen areas and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. This opened up numerous new offices for us to look at. We looked at some exceptional coworking spaces like The Commons and Creative Cubes. However, they were just a little too big, too busy and not quite the right fit.

The final coworking space we had on our list was a medium-sized family-run coworking space. Across three levels of a new office building in the heart of Cremorne was collective_100. It was bright, spacious, well designed and had views that you couldn't walk away from. To say the least, we fell in love instantly.

Our Journey at Collective_100

Once we started working at collective_100 we had the opportunity to talk with some incredible people, receive mentorship from other business owners and form relationships with complementary agencies such as Speckle Digital. We firmly believe that choosing co-working was the best decision we have made so far in our business and it is one that we would make again and again.

Helping collective_100

After just a few weeks there we started chatting with the owner of collective_100 about what we did and they asked if we could help them. We knew we could help, we started by connecting their website to Google Search Console so it could finally be indexed properly. After that we made changes to the website to improve usability, decrease the bounce rate and boost the speed. From there we began to carefully create insightful industry information for them to share on their blog. Finally, we switched their hosting to a quality host that resulted in incredible boosts in page speed. In a year we took their impressions from under 10k per month to over 75k per month. Now, collective_100 is reaching more incredible individuals than ever.

Why We Chose Co-Working?

We choose coworking for so many reasons:

  • The community
  • The facilities
  • The location
  • The office would grow as we did
  • The opportunities
  • The view
  • The convenience

Overall finding an office in Melbourne was a relatively easy process once we knew where to look. After working in a coworking space for the past year we will probably never look at a normal office space again.