You Probably Shouldn't Hire A Cheap Website Agency

By Ten Squared, posted on the 19th of August, 2021 · 5 minute read

We wanted to take the time to break down the reasons for the large variation in website cost from agency to agency. We will also touch on the risks you will accept when choosing these churn and burn options.

We understand that budget is the number one driving factor that causes businesses to choose cheaper agencies rather than more expensive reputable developers. However, it is important to remember that paying for a website is an investment. When you look at it this way the cheaper option often becomes the more expensive option... This is because when you calculate the return on investment a cheap website will likely have a close to zero return on investment. Enough said.

There is a range of other reasons people may choose to go for a cheaper website, you might believe you have found the right agency for a low cost, you might not rely on your website or simply think that a website really isn't important at all. If you fall into any of these categories read on.

How can companies charge so little for hundreds of hours of work?

Every business is created to make money, the difference between budget companies and more expensive companies is the way they make money. Well, there are five main ways these companies make their money:

  1. Outsource to overseas workers
  2. Sacrifice your sites internal quality
  3. Use templates
  4. Site structure is not scalable
  5. No support

So how do each of these impact you? Outsourcing is not inherently bad, however, good outsourcing still costs money. You pay for what you get and the company you are paying pays for what they get. It can be thought of as a chain. The company wants to offer low prices so they need to create the cheapest possible product so that they can make the largest profit on these projects. Having said this, larger more expensive companies who also outsource can have varied quality.

The internal quality of the site can be thought of as the glue that holds your website together. This glue can come in many forms, your website can be rock solid with great foundations, or it can be a tower of sticks attached together with a piece of string. I bet you can guess which of these foundations you receive on a budget. These foundations effect security, page speed, ranking, SEO, scalability and overall usability.

Templates is one of the better ways these agencies turn to in order to lower their costs. Many agencies will start with a template, they often provide all the foundations of a great site. Where these agencies differ from other more expensive agencies is in how much they alter. They might change the logo, photos, colours and copy, other than that you have the same website as every other company they worked with. This does nothing to help grow brand identity and can negatively impact your image.

Growth, one of the main things to consider is where your business will be in a year, will the website be sufficient? I can tell you from our own experience many of these budget websites will cost more to update and alter than it would create a well-built website. That is because these budget agencies often don't follow the same rules as quality developers, this means that the way the website has been created takes hours to learn and understand, although, why the websites are built this way is very hard to understand.

Support, after they deliver you your website, many budget agencies disappear. This may not be a problem, but is rather a way they manage to deliver such a low price.

So should you go for the budget option? Sometimes yes, budget options can provide you with an outcome that is sufficient for what you need. However, it is important to consider the issues outlined above and make sure you are making the right decision.