You Don’t Need to Blow Your Quarterly Budget On A Website

By Ten Squared, posted on the 15th of April, 2021 · 7 minute read

If you are looking to take your digital presence to the next level, and save $1000s in the process… Then this is going to be one of the most important messages you will ever read. 


This is why: Take your business for example, you've just decided to get a new website. You have now begun the endless search for a digital agency. You are looking for a website that will bring in: Thousands, hundreds of thousands, or if you are a part of the lucky few, millions of dollars worth of sales. 


If you've reached out to some of our competitors, you'll quickly realise you need to make a choice: Do you spend thousands of dollars upfront, and go with a web development agency that can fit you into their busy schedule? 


Or will go with one of the more "budget-friendly" agencies? Who will create your website for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time? 


The choice more often than not is mutually exclusive. 


You've probably already heard this, whether it's from a friend, a cousin who is "good at computers" or by some random person you met in a bar - Just get something up. Remember this, we'll get back to it later on. 


The equation for a successful business in 2021 is pretty simple. 


Good Quality Website + Quality Traffic = Leads


Leads + A Little Work = Sales 


Now if you choose to go with one of the high-end web development agencies (Just remember high price does not always equal high quality), you'll be able to build that sales machine you've dreamt about. You'll have a good website, and you can easily drive some quality traffic using some digital advertising (If you haven't spent this quarter's digital marketing budget on a new website). But you will just need to wait a few months, which will cost you missed sales opportunities. Now, this doesn't fit the mantra of "Just get something up", but at least you'll have your sales machine in a few months. 


If you choose to go with one of the budget-friendly web development agencies, you'll have your site in a few weeks. Great, you can begin to drive traffic with digital advertising. However, you'll quickly be asking yourself: Where are my leads? I've got the website, I've got the clicks on my ads, but nobody is converting. Well, that is where the crux of those low-cost websites come into full view if your site doesn't look good on mobile, if it's slow, if it doesn't "just work", then you'll be wasting your money on digital advertising. Of course, having a site is still better than not having one at all, but only marginally. Now, this does fit the mantra of "Just get something up", but it's not going to get you that sales machine - As you are missing a vital element to that equation we talked about earlier: A good quality website. 


Now here's where we get to the most important part of this message: You don't need to compromise between getting your website quickly, getting a quality website, and most importantly - cost. 


Not with Ten Squared. Your parents probably taught you, don't believe anything that is too good to be true. Rightly so, but let us explain how we do this.


First, let's address the elephant in the room: Cost. Instead of paying for your website upfront, we charge by the month, starting at $59 per month, our sites cost less than a cup of coffee a day (Unless you get your coffee at 7/11, then it's a little more than a cup a coffee a day). This means that instead of paying upfront for your site, you'll have a healthy cash reserve to drive some of that quality digital advertising traffic we talked about earlier. Most of our plans don't even have a minimum commitment period, meaning you are free to part ways with us at any time - We're pretty confident you won't want to. 


Secondly, with regard to website development time. Our mantra is: Work smarter - not harder. That's why when we formed Ten Squared, we looked at what tools the big players such as Apple, Netflix and Amazon were using. We now use these tools too, meaning our in house development workflow allows us to rapidly turn our designs into real sites. It actually had our web development team worried they'd be out of their jobs soon. Lucky for them they are still needed to make some "last mile" changes to make sure your site is ready to outperform your competitors.


Finally, getting a good quality website. Those last-mile changes we mentioned earlier, the reason we still need our developers. All of our websites are built on a next-generation technology created by Facebook and used by industry leaders such as Instagram, DropBox, AfterPay, Netflix, and PayPal. It's called ReactJS, and most Australian based agencies don't even have the technical capability to build websites this way - At least the reasonably priced ones don't. Your site will be crazy fast (You won't even need to wait for pages to load when navigating around your site). Google loves this, and your site will rank higher than your competitors. Your customers will love it because your site will feel as fast as the apps they know and love. Our designers are good as they come, so we know you and your customers will love the look and feel of your site. 


So there we go. That's the end to one of the most important messages you will ever read. We're extremely passionate about delivering the best digital experience in a simple, easy to understand, fixed priced monthly package. 


If you are looking to take your digital presence to the next level, book your free 30-minute discovery session with our lead developer. We can't wait to work together and build something special.