Shopify SEO: How To Rank On Google

By Ten Squared, posted on the 10th of August, 2021 · 5 minute read

In a perfect world, you launch your brand new Shopify website and users flock to add items to their cart and hand over there money. Boom now you are rich....

In reality, you launch your new store, a few friends visit and after... Nothing happens?

So what can you do to move closer to the perfect world and away from the less perfect reality? How can you make your website work for you as you sleep?

The answer: Search engine Optimisation

Why is this the answer? Well your users need to find you somewhere, most of the world uses Google to find brands to love. Thus to even be considered you need to ensure your website is being presented to them

How does SEO work? Whilst Shopify has some great SEO Filters out of the box, however, this doesn't mean that there aren't tricks you can use to make your website stand out to Google.

Fundamentally, there are several factors that effect how Google views your website, the main ones are:

  • Page Speed
  • Page Content & Quality
  • How Users Interact With Your Website (time & whether they convert)
  • Security
  • How The Page Is Structured
  • Responsiveness (how websites appear across devices)

So where should you start? Keywords, structure and content. Find the most powerful keywords you can target. Put yourself in the shoes of your perfect customer. What are they searching? Shopify developer in Melbourne? Web developer Australia? Once you work out what they are likely to be searching begin targeting the search terms with the least competition.

Next make sure your site is structured in a logical way. Are all the right links in the header, is everything important 3 clicks away or less? Is your footer referring to the main content on your website? How your site is structured directly determines how your user will interact with your website.

Finally comes content. We like to look at content as an opportunity to rank. Every piece of content whether it be a page or a blog post is an individual opportunity to rank on Google, the more you have the more opportunities you have to rank. Having said that, duplicate content can hinder efforts to improve search engine ranking.

These are the fundamentals of achieving a good SEO ranking. If you have additional money or time to learn you can consult a professional to ensure your website itself is optimised ensuring:

  • Content layout shifts do not occur
  • Page speed is optimised
  • Content is set up to pass through rich results to Google
  • Check URLS
  • Make sure redirects are in place (when changing site structure)
  • Ensure your website is Response (mobile friendly)
  • Ensure images are optimised

So is Shopify good for SEO?

Yes, Shopify is as powerful as the person using it. Shopify is a tool, you can use this tool to create a masterpiece or a complete mess. Shopify also offers a range of plans to each offer different features that lean themselves to certain use cases.

How to check if your website is ranking on Google? To check if your website is showing up on Google you can type in this will show you every single page of your website that is visible and indexed by Google.

If you would like some help with taking your Shopify store to the next level reach out to us by our contact form.