Our Favourite Shopify Plugins

By Ten Squared, posted on the 10th of August, 2021 · 5 minute read

One of the reasons we love Shopify so much and recommend it to the vast majority of those who come to us seeking advice for eCommerce is the range of plugins Shopify has on offer. Over half a million merchants use Shopify as their platform of choice. This is because you can achieve almost anything with a Shopify store, they handle everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping. The plugins you choose to take advantage of can really help your store to stand out in a crowd or simply improve the functionality of your site for your users. Here are our go-to plugins for certain uses:

CRM - HubSpot

HubSpot is an affordable yet scalable way to organise, track and convert your leads and customers. With HubSpot's free tier plan providing you with all the basics you can automate marketing campaigns, set up abandoned cart sequences and more. Whilst, Mailchimp is normally the go-to choice, we believe HubSpot is just that little bit better and can help you achieve more with your online store.

Bundles - Voyager Upsell & Cross-Sell

This app takes upselling and makes it feel like a game! Offering upsells in a fun and engaging way. It is easy to use, no code and allows you to set up bundles quickly. With over 400 5 star reviews on the Shopify store, Voyager is a tried and tested method to help give you consumers a more personal experience when shopping with you. In essence, you sell your customers more and whilst doing so give them a more positive personal experience.

Store Locator - closeby

There is a range of stockist apps on the market to help virtual stores direct their customers to where they can physically view their products. Closeby has however managed to find the perfect balance between features and price. The elegant design of sleek, minimalist and usable maps can be either overlayed on a page or embedded as a part of a page depending on your needs. You can display location-specific locations, allow users to search and customise the look and feel of your maps with 22 well-designed themes or have the option to create a custom design. The best part is that if you have 5 locations or less it is free! for unlimited locations, it is just $19.00 USD per month for unlimited locations.

Reviews - Review.io

Similar to closeby, Reviews.io have also managed to find the perfect balance between cost and features meaning for many stores reviews.io will pay for itself. As it continually evolves and improves the power of reviews.io becomes even greater. SEO optimised, SMS reviews and customisable layout options allow your reviews to seamlessly integrate into your store.

Loyalty - Smile.io

Potentially soon to be overtaken by Review.io's soon to be released reward program, our current favourite loyalty program is smile.io. Yes, there are plenty of other companies that have created reward programs, however, they are extremely costly. Smile.io has a free tier plan perfect for small businesses, as you grow you have the opportunity to upgrade your plan to add new features. The free plan allows you to give customers rewards, customise the pop-up and encourage users to invite their friends. Things get a little bit more exciting as you progress through their plans, however, overall smile.io is an excellent addition to almost any website.

Quiz & Personalised Experience - Octane AI

The true strength of Octane AI was realised when Apple blocked user tracking on their devices. Octane AI focuses on building relationships with your customers by providing enough value to encourage them to input their contact information (normally through pop-ups), Octane Ai instead uses "conversational popups" asking "Hey, for 10% off select what you are looking for" allowing you to know what they are here for, then to unlock a discount ask for their email, once their email is input provide them with a discount code and present them with the two most appropriate products. This results in 4 to 6 times more conversions.

Octane AI also enables you to create full product quizzes to build better relationships. It allows for you to give your users a more personalised experience whilst also collecting more information about your users.

Wholesale - Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club is the best way to give your wholesale customers a great experience. It allows you to give wholesale prices to your wholesale customers, you can also create a price list for members, for example, if you are a gym and gym member get a discount on your merch. That's pretty much it, simple yet effective.

Are you looking for a solution not listed above? Feel free to reach out to us through our contact form, we would love to help!