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By Ten Squared , posted on the 31st of May, 2021 · 5 minute read

WordPress has worn the crown for the last decade for most used Website platform, it has been simple, easy to use and slow... Boy have websites been slow! For a long time alternatives weren't much better, however, today there are alternatives, and those alternatives are undeniably better. With some of these alternatives being more affordable, faster, and more secure. However, it takes longer to learn how to create these websites using the JAMStack architecture meaning that not anyone with a computer can create these incredible sites. So why does this matter... Well, we are here to explain the unique benefits of using JAMStack for all of your websites.

What Is JAMStack?

Jamstack is an architecture created with a few simple goals at the forefront of its development. It was designed to make the web more secure, faster and allow websites to scale. Unlike WordPress which works by rebuilding your site every time someone tries to load your page resulting in slow loading times, a Jamstack website is prebuilt into an extremely optimised static page with all its assets in a building process. If we were using furniture as an example, WordPress is like IKEA, the instructions are complicated, and it takes time just to understand the instructions, Jamstack site come assembled so all you have to do is choose where to place them.

Because the complicated building process is moved from when someone loads the page to when the website was last updated, the removal of these steps also removes loading time. It also allows for new options in terms of the way your site can be hosted, resulting in it being more secure, less complex and more affordable.

What are the Benefits?

Well make yourself a cup of tea and sit down, because the benefits of Jamstack over WordPress sites are plentiful.

Enhanced Security

By rebuilding the website when the last edit was made, multiple moving parts and intercepting systems are removed from the hosting infrastructure. This means fewer services are required to get your website in front of its users. Inevitably, fewer stops on the way to the destination mean there is a smaller chance of the website being maliciously attacked. Essentially, there are almost no weak points, no Achilles heal, and now you can go to sleep with peace of mind.


If WordPress was a Toyota Carola then Jamstack websites are a Ferrari, they will beat WordPress sites on speed any day. By generating pages ahead of time the pages can simply load faster, instead of steps 1-100 to load your site, there are two steps, request and receive. So why should you care? Well, website speed is becoming increasingly important for numerous reasons, your users expect to be able to quickly browse your site, they expect to have a great user experience, and search engines present users with sites that they think they will like. It's that simple, and yes I am saying no one wants to use a slow WordPress site, yes this means search engines won't present a slow site in their search results.

Low Maintenance

A Jamstack site is like having a goldfish as a pet, they don't need to be taken on long walks, they don't need a complex diet, and they don't need food... Oh wait goldfish do, but Jamstack websites can even be hosted for free. This means that a short term investment in a new site can save you hundreds per year.

Now, this isn't an extensive list of the benefits but if you are curious to learn more please feel free to visit

Who Can Develop Me a Jamstack Site in Melbourne?

Thankfully you have come to the right place and you are in fact using a Jamstack site right now! We are Ten Squared and we specialise in developing Jamstack websites using Gatsby JS. Previously working for large web development agencies we ventured off on our own to help Australians build better websites.

If you think you could benefit from a Jamstack website please reach out to us at or fill in our contact form.