E2E Security, How we Helped This Melbourne Business Boost SEO

By Ten Squared, posted on the 7th of April, 2021 · 4 minute read

About E2E Security

E2E Security is a modern Melbourne based security advisory service. Run by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in infrastructure, security and public safety, E2E Security is trusted by large companies across Australia to perform security risk assessments, create custom security setups and work with other security companies throughout projects.

How Ten Squared Helped E2E Security.

E2E Security came to us with their brand new site, it was attractive, informative and intuitive, however, it was just not ranking on Google. We began by sitting down with E2E Security to see how we might be able to fit their needs and help them improve their ranking. After a thorough discussion, we returned to them with a proposal outlining exactly how we could help.

Great SEO begins with a great website, so we began by performing the basics, making sure the code was clean, optimised to load quickly and efficiently, ensuring images were the right size. We then went through and made sure keywords were strategically placed throughout the passages of the text. Next, we created a custom blog so they could target a wider variety of keywords.

With these additions, we saw some great improvements in SEO. We went on to work closely with E2E Security to create additional service pages to target additional services. At the time of writing this blog, we have increased the organic impressions for E2E Security by 389% and clicks by 209%. We also saw a 671% increase in the number of search terms they were ranking for.

When considering if SEO is right for your business, however, it is extremely important to understand the level of investment needed to bring about a good return. SEO is by no means an affordable way of advertising, where this misconception comes from is that SEO is a long term investment whilst Google Ads is a short term investment. When you invest in SEO you will not see results for at least 6 months, however, after 6 months of work you will likely see results and these results won't stop when you "turn off your ads", this work is done and you will benefit from it forever.

Hence, SEO costs a similar amount to other forms of digital advertising, in the same way, the amount you spend will directly correlate to the results you obtain. The quality of your articles will depend on how many hours the agency you have employed can allocate to writing each article. Today the average cost of a good quality SEO optimised blog article is between $250-500.

In conclusion, SEO is an incredible way to invest long term into your business. What it is not is a cheap way to advertise. The internet has never been more competitive, you are competing against thousands of companies and a good SEO strategy is a great way to remain competitive.

If you are in need of an incredible security advisory service based right here in Melbourne we could not recommend reaching out to E2E Security enough!

If you think you could benefit from improved SEO reach out to us using our contact form.