Headless CMS Development Melbourne

By Ten Squared, posted on the 1st of August, 2021 · 5 minute read

What is a headless CMS?

Let's start by defining CMS, CMS stands for Content Management System, in their simplest form they help you update content on your website. Essentially, a CMS is the admin panel of a website, almost every website will use a CMS. Without a CMS the only way to update your website is by changing the code of the website itself. Now, how is a headless CMS different?

What is the point of a headless CMS, how are they different?

Well both forms of a CMS allow you to update content. The "head" refers to the front end of the website. Hence, a regular CMS is directly connected to the front of your website, they exist as a single unit. In contrast, a headless CMS exists separately from the front part of your website. A headless CMS can be connected to any front end platform. In web development a headless CMS allows developers to connect the best website platforms (fastest, most effective technology) with the best possible content management system.

How many platforms can a headless CMS deliver content to?

Whilst at Ten Squared we use our headless CMS to connect to our websites and help our clients easily manage their content. A headless CMS can theoretically have an unlimited number of "heads", you can connect the CMS to your website, to your mobile app or to Kiosks in a storefront allowing you to manage all your content across platforms from a single platform.

Why is a headless CMS better?

There are numerous benefits to using a headless CMS, however, the reason we began using headless CMS's is that it was the best way to update content on the next generation websites we produce. However, we have quickly recognised numerous reasons why we prefer it over traditional CMS options:

  • Simple to use
  • You can't break your website
  • You can easily schedule releases
  • We have complete control over the optimisation of images (your website will remain fast)
  • We have complete control over SEO
  • We can ensure the content you upload is always uploaded correctly

So why is this better? Essentially, we connect the backend (the CMS) to the front end of your website. Why is this so great? This is amazing because we gain complete control over the quality of your website, every part of your website can be custom created to the highest standards. This means not only will you be left with an incredible website but with an incredible website that will last a lifetime.

How does a Headless CMS work?

In its simplest form, a website is created, then a matching frame for the website is created in a headless CMS. Each section of this frame is then "plugged" into the website itself. Now, the website exists, however, the content is requested from the headless CMS rather than the code of the website itself. Depending on the CMS chosen a range of different features are available from live preview to automatic image optimisation.

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