Gatsby JS Pros and Cons

By Ten Squared , posted on the 10th of August, 2021 · 5 minute read

Gatsby JS is an incredible framework loved by companies looking to stand out on the internet amongst their competitors. Whilst most of the internet remains on the world wide web staple WordPress a special few are progressing to the next generation of the internet. Why is Gatsby JS seen as the future of the internet? Well at its core Gatsby JS aims to address several issues that have plagued WordPress for years including page load speed, bad SEO and stagnation in the improvement of usability.

What exactly is Gatsby?

Well Gatsby JS is a React-based framework, it is open source and helps developers to build faster websites and applications. It offers built-in performance features, scalability and great security. Gatsby sites are believed to be future proof and are far easier to manage than WordPress sites. In 2021 Gatsby JS is one of the most popular react frameworks for building incredibly fast and SEO friendly Jam-stack websites. These websites can be connected to a range of different CMSes including WordPress and Shopify.

When Should Gatsby Be Used?

This question can easily be answered based off of goals. Depending on the goal of your website Gatsby JS may or may not be the best way to move forward. Goals that Gatsby JS can help you achieve are :

  1. Boost conversions and sales
  2. Improve SEO and content-based marketing
  3. Decrease bounce rates
  4. Outrank competition
  5. Lower ongoing costs (maintenance and hosting)
  6. Improved user experience
  7. Salability
  8. Increase average session length

Pros of Gatsby JS

  1. Fast Page Load Speed
    First, let's establish the importance of page load speed. Bounce rates are at their lowest when page load speed is less than one second, as your page load speed increases to three seconds your bounce rate can be expected to increase by up to 35%, at 5 seconds this increases by 85%, as you progress to 10 seconds the bounce rate increases to 123%, any slower than this and you may be arrested for crimes against internet users...

    Hence, faster page load speeds achieved by the unique optimisations implemented across Gatsby Sites will have a range of impacts on your users, how they engage with your site and how search engines choose to rank your website.

  2. Leads
    As a result of improved page speed and improved search engine ranking, your existing content will begin to rank higher, you will hence be presented to more potential customers and this will inevitably result in a greater number of leads.

  3. SEO
    Organic traffic is the best way to bring your business customers for free. Your ranking is the modern-day equivalent of location, as any business owner will tell you, location is everything. A poor SEO ranking is equivalent to opening a store in a residential street in a town of 200, you will be lucky if you get a customer a day. A good search engine ranking is the equivalent of opening a store on the main street of a suburb. Gatsby websites are SEO-efficient thanks to their incredible performance and how they are optimised to help robots scan their content.

  4. Low Hosting and Maintenance Costs
    Hosting costs for Gatsby websites start at $0 per month, yes, for less than a cup of instant coffee a year you can get host your Gatsby site forever. Additionally, the amount of maintenance required compared to a WordPress site is incredible. Over time you will save thousands between hosting and maintenance.

  5. Future-Proof
    Unlike WordPress, a dying art, Gatsby is here and here to stay. The number of Gatsby sites being created around the world is increasing whilst the number of WordPress sites being created is slowly beginning to fall.

There are many other benefits of using Gatbsy JS including usability, flexibility, management, usability and organic traffic growth.

Cons of Gatsby JS

  1. Build Time
    Each time you update your website, the website needs to be generated in an updated form. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the size of your website.

  2. Live Editing
    Whilst live editors exist (we use these for all our builds) many developers will skip this step to save time and increase profits.

  3. Fewer Developers
    Being a newer slightly more complicated option to use for building your website, you will find fewer developers willing to develop in Gatsby JS, of those willing, only some are competent enough to create you a great Gatsby JS website.