collective_100 Our First Project

By Ten Squared, posted on the 5th of January, 2021 · 5 minute read

When collective_100 approached us we saw a golden opportunity to help them reach more potential customers. All the foundations of a great site were there, great copy, amazing photos and an incredible service. Unfortunately, the site felt bare and such incredible content was displayed in a stale way with a lot of text and little reliance on incredible photography. To help sell there product collective 100 created an incredible promo video. We decided that this would be the attention catcher of the site. We then went through and made sure each page was making the most of the visuals, breaking up slabs of text with inspiring imagery.


In order to achieve this we had to start somewhere, so we started by putting the most important things first, the beautifully designed office space they had to offer. We then strategically placed prompts to join throughout the site so that signing up was never more than a click away. We then carefully refined the copy to ensure that it was targeting the correct key words. Over the course of 6 months the results were obvious, enquiries picked up and continued to increase over time. Today, collective_100 ranks highly for each and every key word we selected.


Finally, came SEO. In a space that was highly competitive this was difficult. Of course like always we started with the basics. Transitioning the site to a new host to boost speeds and optimising everything on the page that we could. Converting images to the next generation format and ensuring the page loaded at a good pace. Then we picked out the keywords we wished to target


With incredible results here is what the director of collective_100 had to say:

"Ten Squared have been providing website development, social media and SEO services to my business for nearly a year and in this time have been instrumental in massively improving our Google search rankings .  So much so, that we are now seeing 5 people visit our website Organically or via Social Media to every visitor via a Google Paid Search.


Their technical know how and creativity is second to none. I highly recommend their services."


After this we went on to perform digital advertising for collective_100 again brining about incredible results.