Bayside Phone Repairs, Growing Online

By Ten Squared, posted on the 17th of March, 2021 · 4 minute read

We created this site as a sub-site of a larger repair company with the sole goal of ranking on google. The aim was to create a second stream in which the store could gain customers and it worked!

The design brief was to keep it elegant and simple and so that’s what we did. The site is fast and responsive, which makes getting a phone repair process repair a simple and straightforward process. Since launching the site has been increasing in its ranking on Google daily, as we consistently tweak little things within the site, the ranking continues to increase. A key component of this sites success was building it on Gatsby JS, a software used to build next-generation websites, making it far faster than traditional sites and a true pleasure to interact with.

Here is what our client had to say:


"As a business owner, I am always considering the best ways to reach new customers. When Ten Squared came to me with the idea of creating a second site to rank and compete on google I was blown away. Now I gain almost twice as many leads as I did before and I am more competitive than ever.


The team at Ten Square are true miracle workers."