Your Local Bayside Digital Marketing Agency

By Ten Squared, posted on the 21st of May, 2021 · 5 minute read

Why Choose Ten Squared?


Our main priority when creating ads is targeting your perfect customer. We aim to refine your ads to target your ideal customer and bring you new business.

Conversion Centric

With years of experience, the Ten Squared team has become well practised in using and optimising conversion tactics in order to help bring your business more clients for affordable costs.


Ten Squared is proud to be using the latest in ads technology to help reduce click fraud, optimise ads and flag website conversion issues.

Local First

Choosing the right digital agency to set up your digital marketing portfolio can be a tough challenge. With so many options, many of them being a good choice, and others not so - It can be a daunting task. At Ten Squared we believe in supporting local businesses first. That is why we are starting local, helping Bayside businesses take back the local digital space!

With industry-leading tools such as Insight Ten, we can gain more insight into your customers and users than previously possible. This allows us to deep dive into your digital ads and monitors click fraud, the full user journey, identify problems with your website and understand which ads are actually working.

We are located right here in Bayside, with our head office located in Cremorne. With our founders having grown up in Bayside we have a deep understanding of what locals need, how to appeal to them and inevitably how to gain their business.

Ten Squared partners with businesses with marketing budgets starting at $1000 a month. Over time we will work on your ads to make them as optimised as we can. Working with you to determine your ideal customer. We use this information to create targeted online ads. After creating the ads we monitor many variations of the ad targeting slightly different things. Working out which ones work, why they work and which ads don’t work.