Digital partner to agencies & brands looking to stretch their reach further.

Ten Squared is a Melbourne-based digital agency that crafts innovative & timeless e-commerce and service-based websites. We design with creativity, innovation and purpose; bringing a human touch to the Internet. We created Ten Squared - to help companies just like yours get their vision off the ground and into the world with ease. Since its inception as a side project, Ten Squared has grown into a fully-fledged digital agency.

Kurtis (Kurt) Tozer - Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Tech Lover, Major Nerd!

Kynon Hickman - Co-Founder, Project Manager, Still Nerdy…

Kurtis - software developer and nerd extraordinaire. He’s known for making and breaking technology. His background is in software development and cyber security. In his high school years, he was developing applications for iOS, and hacking into some of America’s largest corporations. Since then, he has made an industry name for himself at Australia’s fastest-growing fashion start-up Slyletica, and has gone on to become an integral part of Ten Squared.

Kynon - designer and project manager at Ten Squared . He is here to assist you through your project from start to finish. With a passion for everything design in late 2020 he decided to take the plunge and dedicate his time to truly understanding the complex world of web. With a background in psychology he was well-positioned to understand how users engage with a website giving a unique advantage to his design process over other web designers.

We keep our team small - focusing on quality over quantity. Our co-founders, Kynon Hickman and Kurtis Tozer have a combined 7 years of experience in their respective fields, providing unique insight while partnering with industry leaders and leveraging the highest quality technology that our industry has to offer in order to help us create next generation solutions. Each and every day our passion grows as do our aspirations to create truly unique and outstanding designs.


  • Gatsby JS development
  • Shopify Development
  • Software Development
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Custom Solution Development


  • We can always learn something
  • There is no one best platform
  • We Should Always Listen
  • Complex Challenge demand simple solutions
  • Our skills are never complete
  • We work better as a team


  • Listen closely
  • Research Thoroughly
  • Strategies Thoughtfully
  • Design Carefully
  • Develop Skill-fully
  • Launch loudly

We develop next-generation Service-Based Websites. They're blazing-fast and allow you to outshine your competitors. We tailor your website to suit your target industry, with a range of modules to enable you to engage and captivate your customer base. With completely custom design and development, we create websites that are perfectly on-brand, consider who your target customer is and highlight your unique selling points to help bring you more business. tensq.

We build industry-leading e-commerce websites that are beautiful and designed to help your business make sales. We work with you to understand your goals and the needs of your customers. Then we create a site that exceeds those expectations, building trust and following through on our commitment to quality. Everything about our design and development process has been refined to ensure that conversion is at the centre of every stage, this doesn’t mean we follow the same strategies for every business, unfortunately, it is not that simple. It means we research, understand and innovate to create a competitive website that creates its own place within your industry.