About Us

Your questions are important to us, let’s start by getting to know each other. Ten Squared was founded by Australian born Kurtis Tozer and Kynon Hickman growing up with a pure love for everything IT, from building apps to building websites. Both founders have been continually expanding their skill bases and by partnering in Ten Squared provide a wealth of knowledge essential for building a web presence that drives conversions and grows your digital presence.

Responsive Web Design with Ten Squared

Since then we have expanded our team to cover all aspects of the digital space.

With years of experience, Ten Squared will consult you and find the perfect building blocks to create a site customised to your business. Our goal is to create organic customers for your business. We do this by creating a trustworthy, well built site that ranks highly on Google. While this is a long and challenging process that requires a range of expertise, Ten Squared carries the right tools to make this happen.

Kurtis Tozer
Lead Developer

Starting at age 12 making iPad apps for education, Kurtis Tozer has come a long way in a short time. Now possessing some of the most highly sought out skills in the industry, Kurtis is a true problem solver. From helping build e-commerce solutions for million dollar influencer led fashion labels, to developing technical solutions for one of Australia's fastest growing start-ups. Kurtis's skills are transferable to almost any problem, making him a true asset to Ten Squared.

Kynon Hickman
Lead Designer

With a keen eye for detail, extensive experience as a developer, Kynon is a multi-skilled professional who is up for any job. From the moment he successful built his first website, to now, Kynon has been in love with the sense of accomplishment you receive from producing an interactive piece of artw, that people enjoy using. Making sites not only functional but an experience is his true passion, making him an excellent addition to Ten Squared.

Our Values


There isn’t anything worse than being left in the lurch. Because of this we use tools like BaseCamp to manage all our projects, giving you a clear overview of where your project is at, and what steps are being taken to get it finished in time.


Technology is constantly shifting, and because of this to be on the front pages of Google and other respective platforms, you need to be utilising the forefront in technologies. We understand this and are always


We’ve found that the most complex of problems are best solved collaboratively. At Ten Squared we believe that there is no “magic formula” for building a comprehensive online presence. Instead, we have found that to build a digital presence collaboration between our team and your business is essential. After all, who knows your industry better than yourself?

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