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F**k cookie cutter solutions. We design and develop custom digital solutions.

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Cremorne - 0°C

Let’s Rebel

We’re rebels who like to think outside the square. We do one thing, and we do it well – deliver custom digital solutions for like-minded brands & businesses.

Boring? Not us

One of us rebelled a little too hard, and hacked the world's largest company. The other one has better judgment. #hackyhackhack

Disrupting the standard

We craft the digital experiences of tomorrow, by pushing what is possible with the technologies of today. This is only possible by being masters of leading platforms and frameworks such as Shopify, Gatsby JS, StoryBlok, and other JAMStack / Headless CMS solutions.

Best in class

Ten Squared is one of the few Melbourne based web design and development agencies that offers fully custom web solutions. We specialise in delivering striking service based and eCommerce websites. Our clientele includes leading brands such as Neptune The Label by Cody Simpson, The Collagen Co, Bass & Flinders Distillery and Hab Shifa.

Clients? We have them

Don’t expect us to try to sell you on why we are better, we’ll let our work do the talking for us.

But what the heck do you do?

We design unique websites that excite and inspire.

We develop using industry leading techniques.

We do e-commerce, and we do it well.